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Nu-Gen Energy Services Ltd is a market leading fencing contractor to the UK's infrastructure networks with locations across the UK. We work on behalf of a variety of clients and deliver with a proven track record of safety and quality. Our operatives have high competance in the installation of all types of fencing & environmental barriers.

Our combined expertise, supplemented by our extensive specialist supply chain, provides us with unrivalled and complementary capabilities over a wide range of regulated markets. Our independently branded subsidiary businesses ensure that we maintain our agility and local client focus.

We have delivered fencing schemes across infrastructure projects since 2013 and have established preferred supplier status nationally. With dedicated project management / site supervisory staff and over 20 fencing teams working across the midlands  as part of our larger national fencing delivery teams.

As an accredited Principal Contractor with in-house planning, safety critical and AFI accredited fencing personnel, we plan and implement access to our work sites without relying on external sources.

 Highly experienced in the installation of all types of security & agricultural type fencing including:

  • Palisade

  • Weldmesh

  • Chainlink

  • Expamet

  • Clipex

  • Fix a Fence

  • Kee Klamp

  • Acoustic Sound Barrier

  • Environmental Fencing

  • Anti-Suicide Barriers

  • Stock Fencing

  • Rabbit Netting

  • Manual and Electronic Gate installations.


The use of new fixing products and improved installation methodology has significantly reduced the time and associated costs for teams to complete fencing projects. The new methodology also requires less investment in heavy plant contributing to further cost reductions and reduced time off site.

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